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Securities Attorney Briefing 2 November 2016

International Assad in Person: Confident, Friendly, No Regrets DAMASCUS, Syria — The guns were silent atop Mount Qasioun and the lights on its slopes twinkled over Damascus as President Bashar al-Assad of Syria welcomed a group of Western visitors into his French-Ottoman palace on Monday night, presenting himself as a man firmly in control of his country. He radiated […]

Securities Attorney Briefing 1 November 2016

International Ukrainians shocked as politicians declare vast wealth An anti-corruption reform requiring senior Ukrainian officials to declare their wealth online has exposed a vast difference between the fortunes of politicians and those they represent. Some declared millions of dollars in cash. Others said they owned fleets of luxury cars, expensive Swiss watches, diamond jewelry and […]

Securities Attorney Tom Krebs on NPR

Listen to Securities Attorney Tom Krebs on National Public Radio’s Planet Money.