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Securities Attorney Briefing 31 October 2016

International Iraqi forces attempt first push into Mosul as offensive enters third week An elite Iraqi army unit advanced towards the built-up area of the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul on Monday after two weeks of fighting to clear surrounding areas of the insurgents. Military commanders said that the U.S.-backed offensive to recapture Mosul — […]

Securities Attorney Briefing 28 October 2016

International Putin’s Chaos Strategy Is Coming Back to Bite Him in the Ass Back in March, when the U.S. elections still seemed far away — back before anyone had heard the name Fancy Bear and before everyone knew John Podesta’s risotto secrets — I was in Moscow talking to a Russian who had previously worked in the […]

Securities Attorney Briefing 25 October 2016

International As Europe and Asia Hoard Cash, Economists See Echoes of Crisis European and Asian investors have been rushing into the United States bond market, spurred by a global glut of savings that has reached record levels. Running from near-zero interest rates at home, foreign buyers are piling into the booming market for corporate bonds, […]

Securities Attorney Briefing 21 October 2016

International First U.S. Combat Death in Fight for Mosul A U.S. service member was killed in northern Iraq on Thursday when an improvised explosive device detonated as American troops accompanied local forces as they pushed toward Mosul, U.S. Central Command announced. It was the second combat death suffered by American forces battling the Islamic State […]

Securities Attorney Briefing 19 October 2016

International U.S. expects Islamic State to wield chemical weapons in Mosul fight The United States expects Islamic State to use crude chemical weapons as it tries to repel an Iraqi-led offensive on the city of Mosul, U.S. officials say, although adding that the group’s technical ability to develop such weapons is highly limited. U.S. forces […]