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Krebs Daily Briefing 31 March 2015

International How Putin could lose power After more than a decade in power, Russian President Vladimir Putin is struggling through what may be his most turbulent and difficult year in office. His economy is crumbling under the global collapse in oil prices; US and European economic sanctions are punishing his inner circle and most powerful state […]

Krebs Daily Briefing 30 March 2015

International U.S. Says Shipping Uranium Out of Iran Is Still Part of Possible Nuclear Deal LAUSANNE, Switzerland — American officials said on Monday that they were still negotiating with their Iranian counterparts on one of the main issues remaining in their efforts to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program — how to dispose of […]

Krebs Daily Briefing 27 March 2015

International Iran Talks Bring Déjà Vu, John Kerry on a Bike, and Iranians on a Walk Those placing bets on whether a deal will be reached regarding Iran’s nuclear program have reasons for optimism, but recent history shows that even the most durable optimism does not a nuclear deal make. Many presumed, or hoped, the […]

Krebs Daily Briefing 26 March 2015

International Saudi Arabia Leads Air Assault in Yemen WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday night that it had begun military operations in Yemen, launching airstrikes in coordination with a coalition of 10 nations. The strikes came as Yemen was hurtling closer to civil war after months of turmoil, as fighters and army units allied […]

Krebs Daily Briefing 25 March 2015

International U.S. to Delay Pullout of Troops From Afghanistan to Aid Strikes WASHINGTON — President Obama’s decision to maintain troop levels in Afghanistan through 2015 is partly designed to bolster American counterterrorism efforts in that country, including the Central Intelligence Agency’s ability to conduct secret drone strikes and other paramilitary operations from United States military bases, […]